After an initial consultation with Florida Lung And Sleep Apnea Center, we may recommend a Home Sleep Test to diagnose sleep apnea.

What is a Home Sleep Test?

A home sleep test is done with an easy to use device, available for qualified patients to test for suspected sleep apnea.  This is a more comfortable, convenient and less expensive option for patient who meet the criteria for a home sleep study after an initial examination.

Home sleep testing is a convenient alternative to traditional overnight polysomnograms (lab based sleep test).  The advantage of home testing is that it allows you to sleep in the comfort of your own bed without technicians observing, while a small device worn around your chest collects clinical data as you sleep.  The information collected is sufficient to identify an obstructive sleep apnea condition and its severity, and patients report more normal sleep.

Patients that do not qualify for a Home Sleep Test will do an overnight polysomnogram.  This requires an overnight stay in a sleep lab where technicians will monitor your sleep throughout the night.

What are the benefits of home sleep testing?

  • Convenient, performed at home rather than hospital or sleep lab
  • Quick and accurate results
  • Usually covered by insurance

Other sleep disorders that cause unrestful sleep may be detected with a sleep study as well.  Our testing involves no pain and is covered by most insurance.

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